Why did you create the Resurgence Gear brand?

Resurgence Gear was created as a result of over 10 years manufacturing protective motorcycle apparel. During this process we started experimenting with fibre combinations to see if it was possible to create a material that did not have the inherent weaknesses of all the materials used to lined jeans and other motorcycle garments.

Weaknesses such as the dramatic loss in strength after washing, low abrasion resistance in the wet, lack of breathability, inflexible and uncomfortable. We finally achieved our goal and not only had our fibre eliminated the weaknesses but it also smashed the abrasion rating record, giving us the world’s all round safest protective fibre for abrasion resistance.

We branded and patented this fibre as Pekev® and followed by building a protective motorcycle brand around it. That is how and why we created Resurgence Gear, giving the rider a significantly longer slide time during a crash while being vastly more stable and comfortable.