Resurgence Gear About

A team of international manufacturing professionals. We have over a decade of manufacturing knowledge and experience in the safety garments industry with years of specialised research in Hi-tech fibers. After meticulously analysing the physical behaviors of the world’s best fabrics we then developed and engineered the most advanced products in the industry, supplying riders with what they really want!

Our team of designers worked tirelessly to create the highest quality denim products, incorporating leading styles with cutting edge technology. We provide riders with
comfort, style and the highest level of protection, in every corner of the world.
Resurgence Gear is technology re-engineered for ultimate strength then tailored
to give every rider absolute comfort!


Pushing the limits of Aramids and Ethylene fibers, we use only the highest quality spinning techniques available. Improving tensile strength and converting them into fabrics using exclusively elite blends we developed a 3rd generation PEKEV® fabric – this is one of the strongest and most stable fabrics in the world!

Made from the world’s toughest polymer, it has the highest breaking point for yarn. The tensile Strength of the overall fabric is unsurpassed among all contemporary protection layers.

It has the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made, it’s highly resistant to corrosive chemicals (with exception of oxidizing acids), has extremely low moisture absorption, a very low coefficient of friction, is self-lubricating and is highly resistant to abrasion – in some forms being 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel. It is highly resistant to water, moisture, most chemicals, UV radiation, and micro-organisms.

Our fabric is internationally field tested and ready for the most demanding motorbike riders of the world. Where other brands fail to perform in safety, durability and comfort we excel – wash after wash and drag after drag!


  • World’s toughest polymer, the highest breaking point in yarn
  • One of the world’s safest apparel liners! Certified with the highest abrasion, burst and slash strength
  • Over 200% stronger than other Aramids, 15 times stronger than carbon steel
  • Made with Para-Aramid – almost 3 times stronger than other Aramid fibres, even in wet conditions
  • Dual layer and cross knitting, exceptionally strong against motion cuts
  • Protective lining is 270 GSM, stronger than 550 GSM of other Aramid linings
  • Wash safe – moisture will not affect performance, wash after wash
  • Wicking lining to draw away moisture (body sweat)
  • Disperse body heat quickly, greatly improves riding comfort
  • Soft Inner mesh lining, soft on skin
  • Overall Jeans weight 1.4 Kg (stronger materials equal less weight)

Greater protected covering area than other bands. Resurgence Gear products are densely
covered in PEKEV®, 80-100% coverage to provide full protection

No outer armour/pad pocket stitches

Includes free removable armour, either hip & knee armour or shoulder, elbow and back (this is
not an additional cost like with many other brands)

Highest quality materials and production, up to 20 times more lifespan than other brands


Having created one of the world’s strongest polymer and setting the highest ever C.E abrasion rating of 10.83 seconds. Resurgence Gear set out to use their same Pekev® technology and make one of the world’s lightest jeans. Pekev® Lite has all the same qualities as full strength Pekev, such as no degrading with washing or sunlight and abrasion resistance in both wet and dry conditions. The difference is the lite version has taken advantage of Pekev’s high strength and forged a super thin liner in our C.E AA rated motorcycle jeans, while being lighter in weight and more breathable. Pekev® Lite comes in with an impressive C.E 5.21 second abrasion rating.

Pekev® Lite was purpose made for hot riding conditions. We blended the protective liner with the most advanced fabrics for this requirement. Our outer denim layer is comprised of Lenzing Modal® and Tencel® to further the climate control abilities of these jeans.


  • World’s toughest polymer, the highest breaking point in yarn
  • PEKEV® Lite “One of the world’s lightest CE AA protective liner”
  • Promodal denim – light weight, antibacterial, 50% cooler than cotton
  • Wick lined for comfort and moisture protection
  • Comfort stretch
  • Wash safe
  • Super breathable
  • Highest quality fabrics
  • Concealed hip & knee armour pockets
  • No external armour pocket stitching


Specifically designed to be one of the world’s best lightweight protection jeans – ultra-strength, ultra-comfortable single layer motorcycle jeans. One of the only jeans in the world to use the long staple spinning technology of Para-Aramid yarn from the core of the Aramid fibre. The impact, abrasion and cut resistance strength is one of the strongest single layer Aramid denim jeans, combining outstanding strength with an ultra-light weight. Tailoring to the highest standard ensures excellence in fit, feel and look while providing the rider with a high level of protection. A fusion of advanced technology, comfort and style. All jeans come with additional ghost D3O hip and knee armour pockets & pads for added protection.


  • One of the world’s only jeans to use the long staple spinning technology of Para-Aramid yarn from core of the Aramid fibre
  • Impact, abrasion and cut resistance strength is, if not the most strongest of all single layer Aramid denim jeans
  • Made with 14.5 denim fabric which is 65% cotton and 35 % long staple Para-Aramid intertwined
  • Unsurpassed comfort, feels like 100% denim
  • 100% of the product is covered with Para-Aramid (intertwined in denim)
  • Ultra-Lite Single Layer: Jeans weigh only 0.95 Kg
  • No outer armour/pad pocket stitches
  • Includes removable ghost D3O hip & knee armour (this is not an additional cost like with many other brands)

Safety – Comfort – Style