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3 of New Zealand’s Best Motorcycle routes every biking enthusiast MUST explore!

If you are someone who loves traveling, and your favorite mode of transportation is the motorcycle, then New Zealand has some special treats in store for you! New Zealand is known for having some of the most picturesque biking routes and smooth roads for you to enjoy riding on, and in this article we will … Read More

Look Your Best While You Ride Your Motorcycle!

Contrary to what you might think, it is in fact possible to ride your motorcycle like a pro, while looking like an absolute rockstar! No, you don’t need to do much to get the highly enviable biker chick or biker dude look. All you need to do is make sure that you get the essentials … Read More

The Best Protective Riding Gear: A Beginner’s Guide

A professional motorcycle riding suit will give you ample protection when you are cruising through the city or having a bit of a blast on the highway. But motorcycle gear built for the competition isn’t the most comfortable of apparel by any means. Have you ever noticed how professional motorcycle racers walk a tad ‘funny’ … Read More

Ready to Ride: Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in Rain

Riding in the rain can be a challenging experience & must always respect the weather conditions than fight them. Change your riding style accordingly & stay well protected against the elements, to ensure a safe & happy journey. Below are some tips to ensure a safe & enjoyable trip.  During rain, visibility can get reduced … Read More

Going for a Ride in New Zealand? Here Are Some Tips for you

Motorcycling in a country as beautiful as New Zealand is certainly a treat and makes for a wonderful adventure. Motorcycling through the roads in the South Island of New Zealand is known to be one of the best experiences for a rider in the world because of the Southern Alps spine that runs virtually down … Read More

Best Motorcycles For Women

Purchasing the right motorcycle is a task where you need to check if it meets your requirements perfectly. Motorcycles must be fun and you should be able to gain mastery over it in order to enjoy its features entirely. The features needed to evaluate on the selection of a motorcycle are such as the Fit … Read More

What Do You Enjoy Most About Motorcycles? 

We got together a bunch of motorcycle riders that either work in the industry or are members of a New Zealand motorcycle club and asked them all the same question. Tell us, what do you enjoy most about motorcycles?    Max Mobley Counties Honda What do you enjoy most about motorcycles? I enjoy being at one … Read More

The Cuban Cruiser

Here’s something different. When Photographer Dean Saffron was last in the Caribbean he snapped these shots of a fella in Cuba glad in a pair Resurgence Gears, Pekev® Lite, Dark Blue motorcycle jeans. Ok, let’s be frank here, little else was protected on this Cuban chap (unless you’re counting that camo T-shirt and a pair … Read More

On The Screen And On The Road

Firing up the engine and getting his bike out on the asphalt is a necessity for Australasian actor Alex Tarrant, so much that he’s even got himself a Honda GB400TT cafe racer project in the works. Since motorcycles and hitting the open road have become a passion for Alex he’s found himself on the search … Read More

City Cruising

I could feel that urge building again, that all familiar daily desire to get the bike out on the road. I pulled my Resurgence Vintage jeans on and ignited the Triumph, my riding fix was about to be satisfied. Read More

Sunset Finish

There’s not many better ways to spend an afternoon than taking the bike out for a ride…country style. Throwing on a pair of Resurgence’s Black Bird jeans and a Charcoal Hoodie it was time to hit the road before nightfall. Read More

Harley And The Davidsons

Here's something new, well from us at least, a movie review, or a mini series to be more precise.  Now of course we are not qualified critics but then what qualifies one to be a critic, an opinion?   Read More

Boyd Motorcycles…Hamilton’s Premier Resurgence Retailer

About 3 years ago when I first took on the Australasian rights to Resurgence I did a trip around a few North Island retailers. It was tough going at that point, a new high-end brand full of promise but completely unknown. Read More

Custom motorcycle building in the Tron

I called into visit an old friend, Iain from Prestec Engineering in Hamilton. Iain’s a great guy who’s engineering skills I’ve utilised more than a few times over the years to bring many strange contraptions to life. If you need any custom fabrication work Iain’s your man. Read More

Motorcycle clothing…morphing strength and style

This is the spot where we keep you, the savvy motorbike rider informed on the latest motorcycle clothing styles and technology breakthroughs. There will also be regular news, interviews, reviews and points of interest to the New Zealand riders of the iron horse. Read More

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