Lost Your Password?

If you lost your password must follow the following Steps:-   Step 1) Go to this url first : https://www.resurgencegear.co.nz/login/ Step 2) Then enter your user and password and click on the login button : https://prnt.sc/j44jb1 Step 3) If you forget your password a error message comes i.e ‘The password you entered is incorrect.’ with a link ‘Lost your password’ : https://prnt.sc/j44k0x , then click on the link ‘Lost your password’. Step 4) When you click on the ‘Lost your password’ link it will take you to the new page, enter email in the field and click on the ‘Get New Password’ button : https://prnt.sc/j44knu Step 5) When you click on the ‘Get New Password’ link an email will come to your email id and it will give you a reset password link : https://prnt.sc/j44rhi , click on that link. Now reset your password by entering ‘New password’ on the field and then click on the ‘Reset Password’ button : https://prnt.sc/j44rbx Step 6) A confirmation message will come after resetting your password i.e ‘Your password has been reset.’ : https://prnt.sc/j44ru4 Login to check your account details with your new password.