Custom motorcycle building in the Tron

I called into visit an old friend, Iain from Prestec Engineering in Hamilton. Iain’s a great guy who’s engineering skills I’ve utilised more than a few times over the years to bring many strange contraptions to life. If you need any custom fabrication work Iain’s your man.

Iain, his wife Bernadette and their son departed South Africa 15 years ago for the Land Of The Long White Cloud. The family did not come alone, they also brought all Iain’s engineering wizardry and machinery to their new home in New Zealand. Both Iain and his wife have motorbikes (BMW F650 and a Honda VTR250) so he was checking out what motorcycle jeans he wanted out of the few I happened to have in the car, what can I say…the man has good taste 😉

Vans Body Shop & VBS Motorcycles

After selecting his jeans Iain pointed to a nearby building and said I should meet a guy. We wandered over to Vans Body Shop & VBS Motorcycles, just inside there was a heavily bearded young fella working his craft on a Honda CB750 Custom. Iain and the guy shared some banter and then introductions were made.

So I meet Wade the owner/operator, call it cryptic maybe but he named the place after his Shar Pei who spent his puppy years in the workshop while Wade honed his skills on all manner of custom motorcycles and choppers. Quick with a smile and handshake Wade showed me the motorbikes he was either repairing or customising while we talked about Resurgence jeans & motorbike apparel, new and coming types of jeans technology and of course bikes themselves.

Motorcycles & More Motorcycles

Wade currently has about 12 customer motorcycles on the go from a Kawasaki Z1000J to a Big Twin Harley hardtail chopper. Don’t let the name on his truck fool you, Wade started off primarily doing panel beating and vehicle repairs with bike work on the side, but motorcycle builds and fixes have definitely taken centre stage now. So much so that he’s planning on sign rebranding soon, when bikes are a passion and the work keeps coming in it makes for a natural transition.

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