The Best Protective Riding Gear: A Beginner’s Guide

A professional motorcycle riding suit will give you ample protection when you are cruising through the city or having a bit of a blast on the highway. But motorcycle gear built for the competition isn’t the most comfortable of apparel by any means. Have you ever noticed how professional motorcycle racers walk a tad ‘funny’ when they make their way into the pits after dismounting from their machine? That’s because their racing suits are made to measure and fit snugly. This snug fit is loaded with shoulder, arms, chest, back, and leg protection, vastly restricting their freedom of movement off the bike.

Despite the level of protection they offer, they aren’t ideal for the slower speeds of the street. You don’t want to imagine what they will feel like when you are riding through a bit of traffic on a warm sunny day.

At Resurgence gear, we are on a quest to infuse practicality, comfort, and style to motorcycle gear designed for the biker life off the race track. We achieve this with no compromise on safety and protection. Our motorcycle safety gear is a seamless fit perfect for your casual wardrobe while giving you unrivalled protection standards at the same time. 

We bring you a phenomenal combination of grade A+ leather, promo deal denim (our proprietary selvedge denim woven weave), and PEKEV, a wonder fabric that enables us to explore the possibilities in a comfortable and rugged motorcycle apparel design with the world’s strongest created thread to date. As icing on the cake, we also incorporate the D3O armour protection system into the mix.

This article gives you a detailed account of our offerings and insights into our design philosophy. Here’s a closer look at our collection:

Motorcycle Jackets for Beginners:

Just like acceleration, top speed, comfort and protection are many sides of the same coin. When you try to increase one, you must deal with the loss of the other. Well, this was true until now. Our riding jackets and denim jeans are designed for optimum comfort on the street. Many of our motorcycle jackets have our C.E AAA certified liner. And how did we manage that? In one word, PEKEV is a Patent protective material that’s not only currently the worlds safest C.E rated liner. Pekev is also wash safe where many protective materials aren’t. So if you want the best, look no further!

PEKEV is our proprietary Aramid patent fabric that offers unparalleled abrasion resistance (CE-Level 2 / C.E AAA) and is stronger than other protective materials. It is lighter than as well, and it enables us to craft a wide variety of single-layer apparel items that is perfect for daily use when riding a motorcycle.

That’s not all, we present many options for you to choose from depending on whether you are gearing up for a tour or are looking for a lightweight solution that will protect you on your daily commute.

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Resurgence Gear Jacket Range:

Motorcycle Pants for Beginners:

Denim jeans were conceptualized to be rugged apparel capable of withstanding abrasion, dust, dirt, and sweat. Denim jeans were initially designed for work in coal mines. Since then, denim jeans have become a mainstream fashion item and are commonly worn as apparel today. By infusing our breakthrough fabric PEKEV into the mix, we have fostered the evolution of stretch denim motorcycle jeans to a new level.

Resurgence gear motorcycle jeans have the highest CE level abrasion rating (Level 2 / C.E AAA Certified), and they offer plenty of comforts when you are in the saddle of your beloved motorcycle. Any biker wearing these jeans can rest assured that they are wearing the best possible motorcycle jeans on the market currently to prevent the risk of placing skin on the road. We have managed to integrate remarkable structural strength into these trousers that cannot be differentiated from a normal pair of jeans, and they are tailored to incorporate D3O hip and knee protectors within the jeans themselves to look like everyday normal jeans. How’s that for protective apparel!


Straight Leg C.E AA Certified

Straight Leg Jeans C.E AAA Certified;

Slim Leg Jeans C.E AAA Certified;

Skinny Leg Jeans C.E AAA Certified;

Motorcycle Gloves for Beginners:

Our motorcycle gloves are crafted from goat leather and are designed for bikers looking for a short cuff version of motorcycle gloves that offer competition-grade protection on the palm. These gloves are built with PEKEV Lite protection for an adequate finger on the bottom for those dreaded palm slides and have knuckle protection construction of the same material as the C.E Level SW back pad protection for lightweight, soft yet robust protection.

The leather is perforated between the fingers to help with those hot summer days for breathability, and enhanced comfort during the warmer months of the year. Most importantly, the gloves are designed to blend with the rest of your Resurgence gear motorcycle apparel. (Vintage Black Aim Gloves to hit the market in Nov 2021)

Motorcycle Armour for Beginners:

Motorcycle riding gear is simply incomplete without armoured components, which is why our team of designers and product engineers have given plenty of thought to our D3O armour system that’s been built free into all of the gear of $269 or above. Or can upgrade to include the D3O armour as all gear has been built to include D3O pockets if you wish to add D3O to your lighter items e.g warrior & pekev lite jeans or the plaid shirts. It is lightweight, has a minimalist look, and is made of soft and flexible materials. D3O has been designed to offer high-intensity shock and impact absorption, in case of a fall. The D3O armour system will greatly improve your chances of emerging safely.

The D3O armour system is made from a ‘ new-age polymer to form a soft and flexible pad. This substance contains a molecular structure that is free-flowing and flexible. Still, upon experiencing impaction stress, it locks together to dissipate the energy of the impact, protecting your body from the effect of this force, vastly reducing the chances for a bone fracture in case of a fall.

Parting Words:

Resurgence gear offers you a fine collection of stylish premium casual motorcycle riding gear to choose from, especially if you are starting off on your biking journey.  Whether you enjoy riding in the twisties or on the highways, our products are designed for optimum style, comfort and protection.

Through the use of polymers such as PEKEV we have unlocked the secrets of designing single layer motorcycle apparel that offers phenomenal abrasion resistance that is C.E AAA Certified. It also unlocks plenty of possibilities to customize and enhance stylish casual menswear & womenswear apparel to be capable of offering unparalleled protection. 

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