Ready to Ride: Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in Rain

Riding in the rain can be a challenging experience & must always respect the weather conditions than fight them. Change your riding style accordingly & stay well protected against the elements, to ensure a safe & happy journey. Below are some tips to ensure a safe & enjoyable trip. 

During rain, visibility can get reduced and water reduces your traction on the road as it creates a layer between your tires and the road surface. Without the correct motorcycle clothing as well, you might not feel comfortable or safe riding, that’s where Resurgence Gear can help as the protective layer called Pekev. Pekev gives you the same level of protection even in the wet. Actually, you are more likely to slide even further if you have a spill & with the world’s highest C.E abrasion-rated liner this gives you confidence with the gear you ride in by Resurgence.

Here, at Resurgence Gear; safety, comfort & quality is a priority and we want you to experience being safe even when out in the rain! We have put together a guide with all the points you need to know when it comes to riding a motorcycle in the rain while keeping safe!

We have categorized the safety tips into three key categories:

  • Ensuring your motorcycle is at optimum safety
  • Ensuring safe riding measures
  • Ensuring safety measures are in place for yourself 

Top 5 Tips to ensure your Motorcycle is at optimum Safety

  1. Check your Motorcycle – Make sure all parts are in the best condition possible.
  2. Check for no leaks & no cables are loose.
  3. Check your tires and make sure your tires are not worn, have good grip, and have correct tire pressure. 
  4. Check electrical parts as one of the worst things that could happen to a Motorcycle is an electrical breakdown in the rain! Always check all electrical parts before the ride.
  5. Give Your Motorcycle a quick test ride around the home and check the brakes, horns, and lights. If everything is okay, you are good to ride! 

Top 5 Tips to ensure you experience Safe Riding

  1. Don’t trust puddles as you never know what is hiding underneath them. Potholes are more likely going to be covered with water so you don’t know exactly how deep & big the pothole is. Manholes and sealer pavement drastically reduce traction and are almost like black ice when it’s raining. As well as railway crossings. Ride straight over at an angle to avoid sliding off.
  2. Those colorful rainbows you see on the road are puddles of oil. Oil, when mixed with water; floats and may cause an unwanted skid. These tend to be worse at intersections, where vehicles tend to sit and leak oil puddles and you may not see these spots while riding, so we suggest you decrease your speed when approaching intersections.
  3. Hydroplaning can be a dangerous condition that occurs when a thin layer of water prevents direct contact between the tires and the road. The consequences of Motorcycle hydroplaning can be much more severe than in a car if not handled correctly – the only solution is to slow down and do not suddenly break. Gradually slow down & always check brakes, especially after riding through deep puddles. 
  4. Cornering is fun, however in the rain, if not done correctly can be dangerous. Try to have a less lean position when going into corners and of course slow down before entering the corner – use the slow in, steady out method when cornering in the wet.
  5. Loosen up and relax; clinging to the handlebars will not only fatigue you a lot faster but will exaggerate the effects of any movements you take. If you are too tense and rigid you will struggle to ride smoothly and this is the main key to riding safely in the rain. Also, don’t forget to always have your lights on!

Top 5 Tips to ensure Safety Measures are in place for yourself:

  1. Wear comfortable warm waterproof gear or an overcoat to place on when you can see showers coming. Resurgence Gear Motorcycle Jeans & Pants / Protective material is fantastic in the wet however not waterproof. So, a good overcoat is a must.
  2. Resurgence Gear Sherpa Jackets, Shirts, or Hoodies are warm, comfortable & water-resistant, still, recommend a good quality overcoat to be waterproof to carry in your day packs. It’s great as once you have reached your destination, place your overcoat away & still in casual every day looking clothing when in the café, restaurant, walking around or meetings. 
  3. Wear high-quality, waterproof boots and gloves whenever possible. These days can even have glove warmers on those cold winter rainy days. A good tip if you haven’t got waterproof gloves is to wear a disposable latex glove under your riding gloves, an easy way to stay warm & dry.
  4. Wear full-face helmets, with anti-fog face shields.
  5. For ultimate visibility, being visible with hi-viz and reflective materials is key.

When it comes to protective Motorcycle clothing with maximum safety and comfort, Resurgence Gear is the worldwide leader in abrasion C.E approved liners. Below, we will briefly explain why;

Motorcycle Riding Jeans: 

Motorcycle jeans come with our full-strength Pekev® liner that offers the highest C.E protection ever recorded and complete coverage for all of your needs on the road! C.E AAA and AA rated & no decrease in performance if required in the wet like some other brands. Resurgence Gear Motorcycle jeans are designed to protect you in every way possible while giving you maximum comfort even when worn under full waterproof overcoats & pants.

🏍️Top Key Features:

  • Modern wick liner, which draws moisture away from the body.
  • No external stitching in key areas, like regular jeans.
  • Flex fit for ultimate riding comfort.
  • No loss of protection in the wet.
  • Hidden, adjustable armour pockets, making them perfect for social wear also.

Motorcycle Riding Jackets and Hoodies:

Resurgence Armoured Motorcycle Ultra-Lite Shirt, Jackets, and Hoodies feature our full strength Pekev® thread/liner, the same used in our full-strength Motorcycle jeans. With a C.E AAA rating of 10.83 liners, much higher than any of our competitors’ products; these are not limited to panels, with the outer layer made from high-quality cotton twill.

🏍️Top Key Features:

  • No loss of protection in the rain, unlike some protective brands.
  • 100% fully lined on selective Jackets, Hoodies & Ultra-Lite shirts.
  • Water and stain-resistant Teflon® coating. Still pays to have a fully waterproof overcoat & pant in your day pack for those heavy showers / rainy days.
  • YKK zips provide the best quality possible.
  • Breathable, preventing heat buildup.

Motorcycle Ultra-Lite Shirts. Just arrived & new in – only in black:

These super cool, casual stylish Motorcycle Ultra-Lite Shirts featuring our full-strength Pekev® interwoven into denim technology for ultimate safety. The resurgence has produced a whooping C.E AAA-rated shirt. (I believe the first in the world & maybe the only brand to have achieved this still which is simply amazing). 100% coverage. Will try & get them on the website before the blog goes out. However if not we have a full range currently from S to 3XL, RRP $399, no amour included. Just message us if interested. Can check them out on Urban Rider for a full video review on youtube. 

We as well have plaid shirts & jeans with our Pekev Lite protective technology. A CE AA level liner, 5.21-second abrasion rating! A lightweight addition that offers exceptional breathability, making it ideal for warmer months/days.

60% to 80% lined with durable Pekev® Lite fabric. 

🏍️ Top Key Features:

  • Pop button feature with a hidden zip for optimum safety.
  • External and internal pockets.
  • No loss of protection in rain.
  • Water and stain-resistant Teflon® coating on selective ranges. Waterproof overcoat & pant is recommended on those heavy rain / showery days.
  • Triple line stitched seams in key areas.
  • Hidden armor pockets, making them perfect for social wear.

Riding Boots:

The world of Motorcycle boots is vast, with the market offering a big variety of Motorcycle boots; with different materials, styles, and intended uses. Finding the right boot for you can be intimidating, however, to help you in this situation, we are going to mention the 3 key points you should focus on;

  • Boot Material – Your feet are the second most important point of contact with your bike, after your hands so you want to make sure the Boot’s material is of high quality and can resist wear and tear.
  • Waterproof – Always go for waterproof motorcycle boots where possible so that your feet don’t get wet and uncomfortable during rain. If you don’t find waterproof riding boots in your budget, at least go for water-resistant boots and maybe consider a waterproof boot liner or plastic bag over your socks under your boots if really in need of a quick solution out in the rain.
  • Boot size – A boot should be snug, but not tight and not loose. You should be able to curl around your feet and have enough movement so that you can wiggle your toes. Ensure you try the boots on and have a good walk around in them and remember that a boot that is too big will not do you any favors when riding.

Riding Gloves:

Just like boots, gloves have huge varieties and riders often get Resurgence Gear Glovesconfused while selecting the best suited for them, especially if a rider is a beginner. With a well-fitted pair of Motorcycle gloves, you add both protection and comfort to your riding experience.

🏍️ To make things a little easier, we will mention 5 points to remember while selecting your gloves:

  • Quality – Ensure the glove’s material is of high quality as gloves are one of the most important protection items you can wear on a Motorcycle. Buy the best quality gloves you can afford to your budget.
  • Comfort – Try different sets of gloves and choose the one you feel the most comfortable with. While being too thick it can be hard to feel the controls, so choose wisely. Choosing the right gloves is important, ensuring they are comfortable enough that you are wearing them every time you ride.
  • Waterproof – Owning a pair of waterproof gloves will protect your hands from getting wet & becoming cold to help retain your grip. If not waterproof use a disposable thin layer latex glove for a quick waterproof option if needing a quick solution. 
  • Protection – Check the CE ratings of the gloves. AA means it has good protection; AAA means it is among the best with optimum protection.
  • Technology: Many gloves have a ‘mobile touch tip’ so that you don’t have to take the gloves out every time you are using a mobile phone or camera. 

***** Just New In – Resurgence Gear Aim Brown Gloves *********

Size range from S – 2XL. Made from goat leather which makes for an incredibly comfortable glove. Suede components for a cool trendy looking glove.  Softshell knuckles & Pekev® Lite C.E AA 5.21sec abrasion rated liner for extra protection on the palm of the glove for that extra safety where needed. Can personally say I love these gloves as I’ve been trialing them for close to a year now. Love all the new gear Resurgence is producing ☺

Currently not as of yet on the website. If wanting a set, message us & can do a Paypal request. As always, no problem with exchanges or refunds if required. 


One golden rule for full optimum safety: Always wear full-face helmets as open-face helmets are significantly less safe. Protect your jaw & good looks ☺

It is extremely important your helmet fits you correctly; you must not be able to remove it without undoing the chin strap. Your helmet should fit snug and evenly all around your head, with no pinching or loose areas. Try to avoid buying a used helmet and you never know if it has been dropped onto a hard surface which will cause the shell to be compromised.

Bonus Tip – Avoid these areas while riding in the rainy season:

  • It may seem obvious, but try to find a dry line. Dryline in the tracking of vehicles in front of you. 
  • Give yourself plenty of time and space; reduce your speed, and give yourself and the vehicle in front of you plenty of space.
  • Pay close attention to the road while riding, obstacles like potholes, leaked oil on the road, as well as other drivers who may not see you near them.
  • Try to avoid painted lines or areas on the road and if you do find yourself in one of these areas, avoid hard braking or acceleration if possible.

Over time, with practice and experience, you will find that riding in the rain can actually be very satisfying, not to mention make you a much more confident rider. Just because the clouds roll in and the rain starts to come down it doesn’t mean you have to lock your Motorcycle away for those wet months of the year.

Have a happy and safe ride. Best Wishes from Resurgence Gear – Look Cool, Ride Safe!