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We’re the Australasian distributors of this relatively new brand of Canadian motorcycle clothing. What would inspire us to take on a new line of motorbike gear in an already saturated market you might wonder? Nothing short of it being the strongest and safest in the world would be the answer to that riddle. There was no way we wanted to be another Johnny-come-lately. We had to bring you guys & gals something new, something that broke the records and had an R&D system in place to continue to break them.

Motorcycle clothing record breakers

Pekev® is the patent pending technology that has enabled Resurgence Gear to create the safest casual & dress style motorcycle clothing in the world. It’s not only the safest motorbike clothing available but there’s no degrading in the washing machine and our abrasion rating’s good for rain, hail or shine! Surprisingly this is not the case with the products our competition use, and let’s face it, it’s in the wet when we are most prone to take a wee spill.

The main take-home point here is that it’s not just the certified strength when the motorcycle clothing is brand new that you need to consider, it’s how it holds up after regular use and washing. What’s the point in paying good coin for your motorbike gear when the safety feature is lost after it’s been used a handful of times?

Ten years of R&D went into Pekev®

It’s not only the certified strongest and most stable material used in the motorbike clothing industry, there’s a large list of other reasons why it’s the smart choice in protecting your hide. But we won’t bore you with all the specific details here, if you’re a tech-head they can be found on our about page.

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PS – we don’t just say our products are the best, they’re certified so and we guarantee it.