Hi, you can share this if you’d like, but was going to say anyway – I’ve just recently got into riding, I knew before I started it was highly likely I would crash sooner or later, so I researched thoroughly what was going to be the best, safest, practical riding gear for me before I even got my license. I happened to come across Resurgence eventually, and although Resurgence isn’t yet a well known brand (at least where I’ve asked around) I was convinced enough to buy a pair of jeans. 2 weekends ago I got to test them out the hard way. Came into a tight bend, too fast, from the wrong angle, in unfavourable conditions, and without the natural reflexes to save myself and low-sided going 70km’s an hour. I rolled down the street and luckily ended up on my feet (my bike hit the guardrail unfortunately). I came away with no scrapes or bruises, just a slightly twisted ankle but no real damage. My pants were a little dirtied but otherwise haven’t noticed any damage, and the Knox knee pads surely saved my knees – as they did hit the pavement, I didn’t feel it 😀