Garrie Ferguson


Just wanted to pass on how impressed I am with my Resurgence Jeans.

 I purchased my Jeans from North Coast V-Twins, Coffs Harbour, only a few days prior to leaving for a ride from Coffs Harbour to Perth return.

I rode from Coffs Harbour to Sydney, on the first leg, with only the hip armour in place, as I was concerned that the jeans, having  a straight leg design and being a relatively snug fit, that the Knee Armour would be uncomfortable.

My concerns were quickly alleviated, as I rode the rest of the entire journey, from Sydney, with the Knee Armour in place! 

To be honest, I did not notice either sets of armour as they were so soft and flexible and ultimately unbelievably  comfortable!!

As a rider of some 40 plus years riding under my belt, I feel I can safely say at this point, that my Resurgence Indigo Sport Jeans, are the most comfortable pair of rider jeans / pants I have ever worn.

Not only are Resurgence Jeans great riding apparel, their stylish cut, make them a good jean to wear out after a days ride without looking like looking out of place.

I am more than happy to recommend Resurgence Jeans to any Motorcycle Rider for their comfort, fit, adaptability and durability.