What Do You Enjoy Most About Motorcycles? 

We got together a bunch of motorcycle riders that either work in the industry or are members of a New Zealand motorcycle club and asked them all the same question. Tell us, what do you enjoy most about motorcycles? 

Max Mobley Counties Honda

What do you enjoy most about motorcycles? I enjoy being at one with a high performance machine, getting to where you are going is a collaboration between the rider and the bike and that really appeals to me. Nipping out for an hour or two just for the sake of going for a ride is awesome, just concentrating on what you are doing on the bike and having a few thrills on the way is soul food for me!

Max Mobley: Motorcycle & ATV sales at Counties Honda, Pukekohe. www.countieshonda.co.nz

For years, Counties Honda has prided itself on delivering top quality products, while providing unrivalled after sale service and support.

Max’s first bike was a Yamaha MX100 and currently rides a 2017 CBR1000RR. 

His favourite Resurgence Gear product is the Charcoal Hoodie “I like the casual look and they are obviously very functional in terms of protection” – Says Max

Denver Chance Resurgence Gear

What do you enjoy most about motorcycles? There’s a definite and undeniable thrill that comes with motorcycling.  I’ve curbed my urge to try hit top speeds and reach personal best times, for me the most enjoyment comes from just going for a cruise. In saying that I do love really twisting that throttle hard from time to time, that’s part of the fun.  Sometimes as little as thirty minutes on the bike is just what I needed, not to get from A to B, just for the enjoyment of it.  I find it an unusual mix of both exhilaration and relaxation.

Denver Chance: CEO of Creative Evolution Ltd and the Australasian Distributor for Resurgence Gear. www.linkedin.com/in/denverchance.

Denver took on the Resurgence Gear rights to both Australia and New Zealand when the Canadian brand first launched in 2013. 

His first motorcycle was a 1982 Honda XR80 and he currently rides a customed 2006, Triumph Bonneville T100. 

His favourite Resurgence Gear products are Black Bird Jeans, the Olive Rocker Jacket and the Charcoal Hoodie

Wade Phillips VBS Motorcycles

What do you enjoy most about motorcycles? The people you meet and the stories you hear from the old bike riders, and the stories you make yourself along the way from your own journeys. There is something special about getting out and riding with others, just you and the air outside, the smells, the views, the calmness of the noise around you while riding. 

Wade Phillips: Owner and head of VBS Co. www.vbsco.co.nz, www.facebook.com/VBSCoNZ and www.instagram.com/vbsconz.

VBS Co. build custom motorcycles and classic hotrods while hand picking parts and apparel for style, quality and safety, no compromise.

His first motorcycle was a 1981 Suzuki JR50 dirt bike, which his dad bought for him in 1984 at the tender age of 2! Wade has kept the bike his entire life and recently restored it to it’s original glory for his two boys to ride. Today he has a few bikes to choose from including a full custom XJR1200 Cafe Racer and an SR250 Scrambler, but tends to favour his customised 06’ T100 Triumph Bonneville.

His favourite Resurgence Gear product is the Rocker Jacket in Black, “Always Black” – said Wade.

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Resurgence Gear – Australasia

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