Choosing Motorcycle Jeans

Choosing Motorcycle Jeans: For the Ideal Balance Between Comfort and Protection

Most motorcycle riders make one significant compromise while gearing up for an outing. They ignore an essential piece of protective clothing covering most of their body: motorcycle trousers. A riding jacket, boots, and gloves are often combined with regular denim jeans.

This has to do with comfort, freedom of movement on the bike, and style in many cases. That’s right, many overlook protection in favour of comfort and appearance. Needless to say, the improper selection of the right pair of pants for motorcycling can cause severe damage to your knees and hips and leave you unable to ride your bike for months on end.

Studies suggest that 40% of motorcycle accident victims are injured to their knees and 50% to the lower parts of their bodies, including the hip and spine.

Seems like too much of a risk to take in favour of comfort and appearance. Don’t you think? Hence, this blog covers an essential piece of motorcycle riding gear, motorcycle jeans.

How to Choose The Best Motorcycle Jeans

Let’s begin with the basics! Motorcycle jeans are NOT substitutes for high-performance motorcycle trousers designed for use on high-performance sport bikes. However, they come with plenty of features such as abrasion protection. concealed amour, reflective accents for greater visibility, and removable reinforcements such as knee pads and thigh protection.

The central idea behind motorcycle denim jeans is to use a significant part of the protection motorcycle jeans (and trousers) offer without the associated bulk or weight. The modern motorcycle jeans manufacturer has perfected this concept to create a comfortable and stylish option for riders, especially those who prefer adventure riding and touring on cruisers, ADVs and streetfighter machines.

What to Consider When Choosing Riding Jeans:

The first step would be to understand what your pair of motorcycle jeans are made of. By simply understanding the materials’ composition, you can gauge their weight, quality and value for money.

The concept behind motorcycle denim jeans lies in stacking layers of exotic abrasion-resistant fabrics. One of the most advanced protective fabrics is Pekev – Made from the world’s toughest polymer, it has the highest breaking point for yarn. The tensile Strength of the overall fabric is unsurpassed among all contemporary protection layers.

Understanding Abrasion Resistance:

During a fall, the fabric of your protective gear is the first thing that absorbs the energy of the fall. The abrasion-resistant materials disintegrate after absorbing the momentum of the fall, offering protection to your body. To understand abrasion resistance better, it is vital to understand its classification.

To save consumers from the hassles of understanding CE, EN 13634:2017, EN 17092 standards, etc., motorcycle gear manufacturers classify protective apparel, especially motorcycle jeans, into A, B and C certification classes.

  • Class A products (further sub classified as AAA, AA, and A offer protection against impact and abrasion.
  • Class B products offer only abrasion resistance
  • Class C products offer impact protection and are mainly a ‘motorcycle armour’ class of apparel.

Since motorcycle denim jeans are designed to offer both abrasion resistance and impact protection (with the use of removable armour systems), knowing what class A certification your denim jeans offer would give you crucial insights into how you can adopt its use in your motorcycling journey.

Hip and Knee Armour:

Most motorcycle jeans offer pockets for further reinforcing the protection provided by the trousers. You can insert detachable CE-certified knee pads, hip padding, and, in some cases, shin protection. The removable protection can be quickly inserted and removed for comfort and practicality. This allows you to adjust the level of protection you need depending on the level of activity you are upto.

The convenient design also makes cleaning the jeans and the individual components of the armour system easy. You could also replace them just as easily in case one of them gets damaged during a fall so you can continue to benefit fully from the protection system they offer. Choosing support for a detectable armour system truly separates motorcycle jeans from regular denim jeans. It is one of the key features you must look out for when purchasing motorcycle jeans.

Fit and Comfort:

While superior comfort is an implicit requirement to expect from motorcycle jeans, how well it fits you must be at the top of your list of considerations when choosing motorcycle jeans. A pair that fits you well increases your lower body’s range of motion, making it ideally suited for long rides. Choose a pair of jeans that fit well without riding up or bunching at the knee or thigh. Likewise, ensure the waistband sits right around your hips, not above or below. This is important because if the waist is too big, the jeans will ride up and get stuck around your midsection, and if the waist is too small, it will pinch and dig into your hip area. To choose the right fit, try on different brands to see which one fits the best.

Next, ensure that the jeans’ seat sits firmly on your buttocks. This prevents it from sliding down when you sit on your bike and allows for optimal riding comfort. This is especially important if you intend to spend a lot of time riding a motorcycle. Finally, look for a pair of motorcycle jeans with zipper pockets in the front to allow easy access and storage for your essential gear like a cell phone, keys, wallet etc.